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Requirements and Eligibility for Teacher & Coach of the Year

The following requirements are for National Award Winners. Your Section may waive certain criteria for Section Award Winners.

The "PGA Teacher & Coach of the Year Award" bestows special recognition on a PGA Golf Professional who has performed outstanding services as a golf teacher and coach.


  • Candidate must be a PGA member in good standing.
  • Candidate must be well regarded as a model PGA member.
  • Demonstration and acknowledgement as an individual of outstanding leadership and strong moral character.


The following persons are ineligible: 

  • Previous National PGA Teacher & Coach of the Year award winners; 
  • Past Presidents of the Association; 
  • Current members of the Association Board of Directors; 
  • Nominees for National Office; 
  • Class "F" or "Reserved" members; 
  • Associates; 
  • PGA National Headquarters Staff and PGA Section Staff are not eligible for National Awards (Excluding Employees of PGA Golf Properties or Section Golf Properties).


PGA Teacher & Coach of the Year minimum criteria:

  • Candidate must have been a Class A PGA member in good standing for a minimum total of 10 years.
  • Candidate has developed the image, reputation, and ability to inspire fellow PGA members with an emphasis on Teaching and Coaching.
  • Candidate must have maintained a substantial record of service to the game of golf, as well as helping to further educate their fellow PGA professionals with an
  • emphasis on Teaching and Coaching.
  • Candidate must have maintained a substantial record of service and promotion toward the growth of the game.  
  • Candidate must be a Master Professional or Certified Professional in Teaching & Coaching OR, must have attended or conducted a minimum combined total of TEN (10) national teaching workshops, teaching/coaching summits or sectional teaching workshops or teaching/coaching summits within the last FIFTEEN (15) years.

Guidelines for Selection: 

The candidate will be considered on the basis of the following:

  1. Their entire PGA career which will include all of their teaching and coaching experience, skill sets, service, and commitment to the Game of Golf, their Association, and their Section;   
  2. The performance in teaching at the facility, Chapter, Section, and National levels;
  3. The impact made on fellow teachers, as well as the contributions made through their efforts to educate their fellow PGA professionals;
  4. Outstanding amateur, junior, and/or professional golfers the candidate has instructed;
  5. Teaching awards and recognitions that the teacher has received;
  6. The written or video-graphic contributions through national and local media such as books, magazines, newspapers, internet, teaching products, teaching aids, etc.;   
  7. Unusual, innovative and/or special teaching programs the golf professional has initiated or played a key role in implementing;
  8. Other contributions provided to The PGA.