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Requirements and Eligibility for the Herb Graffis Award

The Herb Graffis Award is designed to recognize a PGA of America Section for extraordinary and exemplary contributions and achievements in the area of Player Development.  This award considers initiatives conducted by the Section, involvement of members in Section and National growth of the game programs, and overall impact on growth of the game.

Herb Graffis Award Guidelines: 

  • Section’s commitment to growth of the game initiatives.
  • Quantity, quality and diversity of player development programs.
  • Active involvement in National player development programs.
  • Participation of Section members in Player Development activities/programs.
  • Inspiration of fellow Sections in the area of player development.
  • Overall impact on growing the game.

Herb Graffis Award Criteria: 
Criteria to Measure:

  • A formal review of the Section’s growth of the game plan.Quality and quantity of Section growth of the game programs, including number of programs conducted, consumers attending, Section members involved, and diversity in type of programs and target customers.
  • Section’s ability to track results, and overall impact on rounds of golf.
  • Media coverage derived from promotional efforts at the Section level.
  • Section’s support and involvement in National growth of the game programs.
  • Growth of the game partnerships developed at the Section level with other regional allied associations.
  • Percentage of golf facilities involved in Player Development activities and program such as Get Golf Ready and PGA Junior League.

Guidelines for Selection: 

  1. All Sections will be asked to respond.
  2. National Awards Committee will select a Section based on the criteria.