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Requirements and Eligibility for Deacon Palmer Award

The "Deacon Palmer Award" bestows special recognition on a PGA Golf Professional who personally displays outstanding integrity, character and leadership, in the effort to overcome a major obstacle in their life.  This individual is an unsung hero/heroine at their facility and in their community, who serves to inspire, empower and assist others, both inside and outside of the game.


  • Candidate must be a PGA member in good standing.  
  • Candidate must be well regarded as a model PGA member. 
  • Demonstration and acknowledgement as an individual of outstanding leadership and strong moral character.


The following persons are ineligible: 

  • Previous National PGA Deacon Palmer Award award winners; 
  • Past Presidents of the Association; 
  • Current members of the Association Board of Directors; 
  • Nominees for National Office; 
  • Class "F" or "Reserved" members; 
  • Associates; 
  • PGA National Headquarters Staff and PGA Section Staff are not eligible for National Awards (Excluding Employees of PGA Golf Properties or Section Golf Properties).


Deacon Palmer Award minimum criteria:

  • Candidate must have been a Class A PGA member in good standing and/or Associate for a minimum total of 10 years combined.
  • Candidate must be well regarded as a model PGA member, demonstrating outstanding leadership traits and strong moral character.
  • Candidate has developed the image, reputation, and ability to inspire, empower, and encourage success and achievement in individuals regardless of obstacles, disabilities, personal challenges or otherwise.
  • Candidate must have maintained a substantial record of service to the PGA of America, fellow PGA Professionals, their facility and the community in the effort to enhance and improve the quality of life for all individuals.
  • Candidate must have maintained a continual record of service and promotion of the game of golf and golf industry.  

Guidelines for Selection: 

The candidate will be considered on the basis of the following:

  1. Their performance and service to the Association, fellow PGA Members, and the community to include contributions to building and growing the image of the PGA Professional, the Association and the game of golf while dealing with their own personal difficulty;
  2. Their entire PGA career with the primary emphasis on the service and commitment for others and their success regardless of situation;  
  3. The significant impacts made on others and ability to inspire and encourage success and achievement in individuals regardless of the personal challenges they face;
  4. The significant influence made on Golf Professionals, facilities, and employers in the effort to assist others and better the community;
  5. Overall integrity and recognition as a person of outstanding character by PGA Professionals and leaders within the community;
  6. Other contributions provided to The PGA.