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Requirements and Eligibility for Merchandiser of the Year

The following requirements are for National Award Winners. Your Section may waive certain criteria for Section Award Winners.

The Merchandiser of the Year Award is designed to recognize those PGA Professionals who have excelled as business persons / merchandisers in the promotion of golf.  The PGA honors PGA Professionals in three categories: Private, Public and Resort facilities.

Merchandiser of the Year Guidelines: 

  • PGA member in good standing
  • Overall credit rating
  • Credit rating within the industry
  • Community involvement

Merchandiser of the Year Criteria:

  • Criteria to Measure
    • Demonstration of skill in planning and promotion of sales by presenting products to his/her market on a timely basis, and through the use of specialized merchandising techniques that include display and advertising.
  • Selection Process
    • Any PGA member in good standing meeting the outlined requirements.
    • National Awards Committee will select recipient based on criteria.

Ineligible Categories:

  • Previous National PGA Merchandiser of the Year Award winners; unless:
    • at another facility, or
    • in a different facility category, or
    • in the same category or same facility five years after winning the National Merchandiser of the Year Award.
  • Previous National PGA Golf Professional of the Year Award winners
  • Past Presidents of the Association
  • Current members of the PGA Board of Directors
  • Nominees for National Office
  • Class “F” and “Inactive” members
  • Associates
  • PGA National Headquarters staff and PGA Section staff (with the exception of PGA Golf Properties and Section Golf Properties staff)